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Pilke Maria Montessori

Pilke Maria Montessori is an Espoo-based private daycare centre which was established in 1985. The daycare centre provides children aged 3–6 years with high-quality early childhood education and care based on Montessori pedagogy. Depending on the child’s stage of development, two and a half years old children may also be admitted.

Manager Amanda Perho
tel. 050 581 4329

Kuunsäde 2 C
02210 Espoo


Pilke language immersion daycare centre Merituuli

Merituuli is a small, homelike private language immersion daycare centre for children aged 3–6 years, and it is located in the vicinity of Olari’s resident park. At Merituuli, children adopt the Swedish language in a safe environment through play, singing, rhymes and everyday activities.

Manager Vera Tarvonen
Puh. 040 455 8288

Meteorinkatu 6 A
02210 Espoo


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