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Sports-orientation at Pilke’s daycare centres

Exercise is a natural way for children to get to know themselves, others and their surroundings. When moving, children think, experience joy, express emotions and learn new things. We aim to provide children with at least three hours of exercise every day in line with experts’ recommendations.

The objective of our sports-oriented units is to help children find the joy of exercise and adopt a sporty lifestyle. The children regularly participate in instructed, goal-oriented exercise, and the development of their motor skills is supported extensively. The sports-orientation is implemented in the daycare centre’s everyday operation through trips, daily yard games, weekly musical movement and instructed exercise among other activities. We provide the children with opportunities to try various sports, such as swimming, junior wrestling and cycling.

We support the children’s daily independent exercise by building a learning environment that encourages and inspires them to do sports. This is realised by, for example, making sports equipment easily accessible to them. In addition, we allow the children to participate in planning the sports activities and the learning environment, and we support learning through exercise.

We also organise fun, sporty events for the entire family and encourage families to exercise together. Pilke Daycare Centres supports young athletes and sponsors Nordic combined junior world championship gold medalist Arttu Mäkiaho as well as javelin thrower Topias Laine who is part of the Finnish Olympic training team.

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