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We value our skilled early childhood educators, after-school teachers and childcare professionals, and we want to be a good employer for them.
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At the heart of Pilke’s early childhood education, childcare and after-school activities are the company’s good day makers – more than 2,000 ECEC and childcare professionals.

Their goal is to ensure that children have a good day, every day. And we take care of our employees!

In pursuit of the best way to support growth and learning, we build our work community through an active approach, professional skill, pedagogical competence, guaranteed participation of children, adaptable learning environments and an encouraging, motivational atmosphere.

We value our skilled employees, and we want to be a good employer. We have summarised three theses to guide our actions.

Pilke working environment supports the quality of operations. A employee knows and wants to meet the child with a sensitive listening ear, respecting the wishes of the family, educating together and with gentleness. She creates an environment for the child in which it is good to grow.
Responsible and demanding early childhood education and care work does not have to be done alone. Pilke has an open atmosphere and a strong culture of sparring. Our approach is solution-oriented, and we encourage employees to use their own strengths.
Pilke employee is an active and professional educator who is ambitious in her work and in her development. At Pilke, you can creatively build your own career dream in line with the latest early childhood education curriculum and develop yourself, for example through job coaching.

Salary and employee benefits at Pilke

We offer various benefits to our employees. At Pilke, competent workers can swiftly progress on their careers. We give feedback and recognition actively and reward good work.

We provide employees and teams with work guidance to support well-being and development as well as to build trust in the work community.

Pilke pays salaries in compliance with the Collective Agreement for the Private Social Services Sector. In addition, Pilke provides various supplements based on competence, performance and years of service.

Our actions for better well-being at work in 2023

“According to the wishes of our employees, Pilke focused on improving well-being at work in 2023. We’ve updated our employee benefits and made considerable investments in leadership development, for example.”
– Elina Koivu, Chief of Staff

Terveystalon occupational health services

Extensive preventive occupational health services and acute medical care. Also remote services to support work capacity.

Rainproof outdoor jacket

A rain-resistant mid-season jacket for working outdoors with children in all weathers.

Well-being at work money for teams

A well-being allowance for our teams of €30 per employee per year to support community and well-being at work.

Employment Relationship Bicycle

We encourage cycling, and Pilke supports the purchase of a bicycle as an employment benefit.

Recruitment bonus of €1,000

We reward employees for tips that lead to recruiting ECEC teachers and managers.

Graduation bonus of €300

We encourage our employees to complete their studies by granting graduation bonuses of €300.

Relocation allowance of €1,500

We grant a relocation allowance to new employees moving from a long distance.

Sport and cultural vouchers

Pilke provides its employees with sport and cultural vouchers to encourage physical exercise and cultural activities.


30% discount on Halti and Raiski products at Halti stores.

25% discount on daycare places

We offer a 25 percent client fee discount for employees’ children attending Pilke daycare centres and after-school club.


Scandic discounts and Scandic Friends member benefits.

Massage during working hours

Sore muscles? Pilke provides the opportunity to have a massage during working hours.

Affordable lunch

Lunch at the workplace for €5,10.

Supplements based on years of service

Pilke provides years-of-service supplements to employees who have served for 10, 15, 20, 30 or 40 years.

Pilke offers a diverse range of positions for early childhood education and childcare professionals at daycare centres, pre-schools and after-school clubs.

Pilke’s early childhood education and pre-school instruction

Pilke’s early childhood education and pre-school instruction are highly versatile, and we provide the opportunity to choose from various learning orientations. Our activities comply with the same objectives, quality standards and educational requirements as municipal daycares and pre-schools.

Pilke's after-school clubs

Our after-school clubs are aimed at young school children, usually first and second graders. The after-school clubs are typically organised in the school premises so that the children can attend the club right after the school day.

Pilke’s childcare services

Pilke’s childcare services balance the daily family life with the help of reliable and safe adults. Companies offer our childcare services as employee benefits, municipalities use our services to provide home services and families can order childcare assistance from us.

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Occupational well-being and the quality of work

We support the development and occupational well-being of our good day makers in various ways. For example, we prepare an occupational well-being plan annually to support the personnel’s coping at work.

We actively monitor our employees’ satisfaction. In the most recent personnel survey, Pilke’s score was 3.98/5. Satisfied and healthy employees provide the highest quality service for children. According to the customer family survey carried out in 2019, Pilke’s recommendation index number was 4.32/5. Pilke has been granted the ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate as a proof of the company’s quality management system meeting the standard’s requirements. Therefore, we can safely say that Pilke’s capacity to provide children with good days is well-proven!


Pilke Akatemia provides training and skill development

Pilke Akatemia is our in-house training and development programme for employees. It is important to us that every child and adult at Pilke have the freedom to fulfil themselves.

In accordance with our valueskindness, playfulness, determination, encouragement, and commitment – Pilke Akatemia challenges people to think about their career goals and makes it possible to pursue them. We listen, take the time, solve problems together, and grow as professionals every day.

Good day maker induction and training at Pilke

We provide thorough induction to our new good day makers and organise induction webinars.

Here are some examples of Pilke-Akatemia’s induction activities for new employees in daycare centres:

  • All of Pilke Daycare Centres’ employees complete webinars on safety and early childhood education.
  • We also offer designated induction training to our professional daycare assistants as well as after-school club and childcare services workers.
  • Daycare centre managers are provided with training as part of our management coaching programme, and have the support in their work

Continuous development and learning on the job

Skills development plans are made according to the job roles and interests of the people involved. We support the maintenance of skills and encourage learning and professional development. Reward graduation.

At Pilke Academy, we regularly organise different types of training, for example:

  • ECEC clinics explore current topics and phenomena in early childhood education and care.
  • Special teachers in early childhood education advise on how to deal with challenging situations.
  • The focus day-care centres offer in-depth training in focus areas such as science or music.
  • Managers network regularly at training days with other day daycare managers
  • Staff infos, customer and social media clinics and HR clinics are an important part of our active training activities.

Pilke of opportunity - What kind of career dream and professional development path do you want to build for yourself?

With more than 2,600 professionals in early childhood education, primary education after-school activities and childcare, there are just as many career dreams and paths to follow. In Pilke, the opportunities to learn, develop and grow – or even change direction – are almost limitless.

The ingredients for a good working day and career path at Pilke can be found in different tasks, specialisation, in our different businesses, working with children and young people of different ages, in different parts of Finland and in different forms of work.

We have afternoon club instructors who have trained as early childhood educators or teachers. Some of our professionals want to go on to work as supervisors and managers, while others specialise, for example, in specialisations or pedagogical orientations. Many Pilke residents have found a new job and a Pilke community in another location when their family’s life situation has changed.

Pilke is part of an international organisation, which allows Pilke employees to rotate and exchange work in Dibber daycares around the world. We are also always in need of substitutes and part-time workers – and that’s often a great fit for retired good-day workers.

Here are just a few examples. We give you the power to shape the direction of your career and your dreams. Welcome to the world of Pilkke!


Pilke has various vacancies at daycare centres, after-school clubs and childcare services around Finland on a constant basis.

Even if you cannot find a position that matches your expertise among our vacancies, we will gladly hear from you.

Ask for further information!

Ask for further information!
We will be happy to tell you more about our operating methods and employment at Pilke. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will gladly get to know you!