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We make good day for the children. We fulfill the needs of both children and adults to enable a balanced everyday life.

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We are Pilke

Pilke is Finland’s largest service provider for families with children. We offer versatile and progressive services for families all across Finland. Our main mission is providing children with a good day, every day.

We provide heartfelt day care, afternoon club activities, and childcare services at home, and we also support families in challenging circumstances. How can we help you?

We are Pilke


We offer early childhood education in our day-care centres all over Finland. We give every child the opportunity to learn, wonder, ask questions, play and grow. Find out more and apply for a place!

After school clubs

A good afternoon for young schoolchildren is an afternoon of outdoor activities, play, hobbies, homework and snacks.


Childcare services provided directly to families and also to businesses as an employee benefit. How can we help you?

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Daycare, pre-school and after-school club

11 000 +


2 600 +

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A career in Pilke?

Pilke offers a wide range of jobs for early childhood education and childcare professionals. Pilke employees work in daycares, pre-schools, after-school clubs and childcare services. If you are passionate about your work, we would love to hear from you!

Pilke as a employer

Find out about Daycare Centres’ learning orientations

Pilke daycare centres offer focused early childhood education, depending on the daycare centre. These priorities support the child’s strengths and interests.
Pilke’s daycare centres focus on languages, science, nature, sport, music, art and expression.

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