Information for families when a child starts kindergarten

Welcome to Pilke's early childhood education!

What happens on the first days at daycare? Starting early childhood education is a big step for both the child and the entire family. The course of the first few days at daycare depend a lot on the child. Some children are naturally curious and enthusiastic while others take more time to adapt and require more routines and warm hugs.

Pilke has 20 years of experience in receiving new children. We encounter each child as an individual and identify their unique skills and interests. This enables us to determine the best ways to ensure a smooth start to pleasant everyday life at daycare. In addition, we place emphasis on cooperation with the child’s family.

The course of the first day at daycare

A child’s daycare attendance starts with a familiarisation visit shortly before starting the actual early childhood education. When the first day at daycare finally comes, the child is already familiar with the daycare centre premises and possibly some of the other children.

At the daycare centre, the child is received by an adult who welcomes them and shows them their coat rack where they can keep their belongings, such as spare clothes, rainwear, bedtime toy and diapers.

After washing the hands, it is time to wish the child’s mother or father a nice day! This may bring tears to the eyes of both the child and the parent. It is an emotional moment, but we guarantee that the child will be fine. The parent’s task is the hardest. However, the higher the spirit when saying goodbye, the easier it is for the child to continue their day.

Days at the daycare generally follow the same routines, and the child quickly learns when it is time to go out, when to do handicraft and when to calm down for storytime. View an example of our daily programme!

The day passes quickly. When the parent comes to pick up their child, we wish that they tuck away their cell phone, headphones and other such equipment. We catch up with the parent and tell the day’s highlights. Then it is time to say ‘goodbye’ and ‘see you tomorrow’!

What else should I know about starting daycare?

Cooperation with families

  • Open and equal cooperation between the home and the daycare supports the child’s holistic development. However, the guardians have the primary responsibility for the child’s upbringing.
  • Dates for a meeting, a service agreement discussion and an initial discussion are agreed on before the child’s early childhood education starts.
  • Early childhood education and care discussions, or ECEC discussions in short, are organised annually. In these discussions, we lay down the framework for fostering the child’s individual development, learning and well-being.
  • We inform you of your child’s day and activities face to face on a daily basis.
  • We also organise trips, celebrations and events, some of which the entire family is welcome to participate.
  • Daisy is our important information channel. It is used for care time reservations as well as absence and holiday notifications, for example. We will provide you with instructions and, where necessary, guidance on using Daisy.


Outdoor activities depend on appropriate clothing. We go outdoors every day, but in exceptional weather conditions, we may alter the duration of outdoor activities (e.g. thunder, heatwaves). Therefore, we ask you to ensure that

  • your child has sufficient spare clothes
  • your child has a set of both indoor and outdoor clothes, also during summer
  • your child’s rainwear is intact, clean and of the right size – if required, the rainwear is washed at home
  • your child has indoor footwear
  • if required, your child has sufficient number of diapers
  • if required, your child has a pacifier, feeding bottle and sleeping toy labelled with their name
  • all of your child’s personal belongings and toys are labelled with their name.

Please check your child’s coat rack on a daily basis as you may have laundry there!


At Pilke’s daycare centres, the breakfast and the healthy afternoon snack are prepared by a daycare assistant.

In general, the food served at lunch is prepared by our catering partners before delivery to our units.

Pilke expects its catering suppliers all over Finland to favour local foods.


We remember the children’s birthdays and celebrate them as well as other celebrations of the calendar year. Please discuss birthday party celebrations with the personnel of your daycare centre.

If your child falls ill

Anything can happen with children, and a bleeding nose is not unusual. It is good to keep in mind the following basics:

  • A child attending daycare should be able to participate in the activities both indoors and outdoors.
  • Please notify your daycare centre’s personnel if your child falls ill. Enter the information also on Daisy.
  • If a child falls ill during the day at daycare, we notify their guardians immediately. A sick child should be picked up from daycare without delay.
  • In the event of an accident, we notify the guardians immediately.
  • Injuries requiring medical treatment are treated either at the nearest municipal health centre or at a private medical centre

Taking your child to and from daycare

  • If possible, take your child to and from daycare at the same times of day.
  • Please take note of the daycare centre’s daily routines and let us know if you bring your child to the daycare centre later than usual.
  • Please ensure that your child washes their hands when coming to daycare.
  • Bid goodbye quickly and clearly.
  • Please finish your phone calls before coming to pick up your child.
  •  If you are late and cannot pick up your child by the time the daycare centre closes, inform the personnel without delay.
  • Please keep us updated of your contact information and that of anyone else you have authorised to pick up your child. The authorised person must be of legal age

Five tips for parents when their child starts daycare

If possible, take your child to and from daycare at the same times of day.
Maintain clear and regular daily routines at home too: morning and evening routines, play and rest times.
When taking your child to daycare, bid goodbye quickly and clearly.
Speak positively about daycare and our educators and be curious about your child’s daily activities.
If you or your child have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us!

Pilke’s early childhood education and care guidebook

How does the daycare-family cooperation work? What if my child falls ill? Is my child insured? Pilke’s early childhood education and care guidebook answers these questions along with many others. Download your copy here

Download Pilke handbook here!

Example timetable for a day at kindergarten

The day-to-day life of a daycare is always structured according to the size of the unit and its objectives. Here is a typical example of a day in our daycares. For more detailed information on the timetable for your daycare, please contact the manager.


The doors of the kindergarten open. Welcome! We start our day with cuddles and chatting with the children. Then we gradually move on to play.


Breakfast time


Small group activities and indoor and outdoor play.


Lunch and a day's rest. Some children sleep and some rest or go outside. After rest, there is a period of quiet play and activities before snack.




Small group activities and indoor and outdoor play.


The doors of the kindergarten close and we say goodbye. See you tomorrow!

Ask more!

Ask more!
Our Head of Early Childhood Education Mirka Laaksonen is happy to help. You can also contact the managers or regional directors of Pilke's daycare centres in your area.