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We fill young school children’s afternoons with outdoor activities, play, hobbies, support with homework and a healthy snack – under instruction and in a safe environment

Did you know that first and second graders can participate in safe and instructed after-school activities on weekdays?

After-school activities support schools in their basic task and parents in bringing up their children by balancing the afternoons of young school children. The activities realise children’s right to free-time, play, instructed activities, rest and care provided by an instructor.

The after-school activities’ objective is to foster children’s holistic well-being by supporting their ethical growth and encouraging an active approach to versatile participation. The after-school activities are based on practices shared with the school. They guide the children to take responsibility for themselves and be considerate to others.

Pilke’s after-school club instructors are reliable and safe adults. With them, children always have an opportunity for a good day. Our after-school club activities are guided by our values:  warm-hearted, generous, playful, driven, committed and professional.

”Pilke after-school clubs’ sole objective is to provide children with a good day, every day. As there is no single formula for a good day, the most important thing is to create a safe club with an encouraging atmosphere, a club where children feel welcome and enjoy their time. The rest comes naturally – as long as there’s a twinkle in the eye!”

What are Pilke’s after-school clubs and for whom?

Under the Basic Education Act (628/1998), municipal authorities are responsible for organising before- and after-school activities for young school children. The activities are aimed at first and second graders as well as special support students of other grades.

Municipalities can organise before- and after-school activities independently or jointly with other municipalities or procure them as purchased services from public or private service providers. Source: Finnish National Agency for Education, basic education before- and after-school activities (linked text in Finnish).

Pilke after-school clubs at 45 schools

Pilke started providing after-school club services in 1998. Currently, we have after-school clubs at 29 schools in Espoo, Helsinki, Kirkkonummi, Pori, Porvoo and Vantaa.

Our clubs are open on schooldays from Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 5:00 pm primarily in the school premises. Our clubs provide children with supervised, instructed and safe activities.

After-school club fees and application

The monthly fee of Pilke’s after-school activities is approx. €100–140/month depending on the municipality and the agreed duration of care (until 4/5 pm). Club-specific price and application information can be found on the website of each after-school club.

After-school club programme – what do we do at the club?

When planning the after-school activities, we emphasise play, creative activities and positive experiences. We allow the children to participate in planning the after-school club activities.

Our energetic and resourceful after-school club instructors motivate and encourage the children. An experienced instructor always has ideas for activities, and they never lose their temper even if the children lose theirs.

Pilke after-school clubs’ programmes include plenty of outdoor activities, play and hobbies as well as a healthy snack, not to forget homework and rest after the school day. Here you can view an example of a daily after-school club programme. Each after-school club follows individual daily routines and weekly programmes which are planned based on the school’s facilities and schedules and the children’s class schedules.

Outdoor activities and free-time

As we spend time outdoors with the children every day and in any weather, the children should have appropriate outdoor clothing. Depending on the club, the outdoor activities take place in the school yard, in a nearby park or a forest in the school’s vicinity. We organise versatile outdoor activities, such as yard games and group play. In addition, we find it important to give the children free-time for play after the school day.

Healthy snack

A nutritious snack is served at the after-school club. During snack time, we practise good table manners and try new foods. Our snack menu takes account of dishes specific to certain public holidays and other celebrations. In addition, we pay careful attention to waste and garbage sorting in accordance with the ideas of sustainable development.


At our after-school clubs, we provide the children with disturbance-free time for homework. Club instructors supervise and help the children with homework, but the responsibility for reading tasks and checking the homework remains with the guardians. The goal is to help the children take responsibility for their homework and complete them to the best of their abilities.

Hobby clubs

The after-school activities include daily hobby clubs, such as sports club, handicraft club, nature club, media club and ball games club. In addition, the children are given time for free play both indoors and outdoors every day

Objectives of the after-school activities

Before- and after-school activities are an extension to the educational task of early childhood and pre-primary education. The after-school club activities are guided by the general educational objectives of basic education. Their purpose is to support children’s holistic well-being and health and to lay a foundation for good growth. These objectives are binding to all parties involved in the provision of before- and after-school activities.

  • Support for teaching and education work at home and school
  • Support for the well-being, emotional life and social development of children
  •  Support for ethical growth
  • Promoting participation, increasing equality and preventing exclusion

Pilke after-school club instructors, or good day makers, ensure that the children’s afternoons are filled with safe activities that encourage participation. We find it important that

  • The children feel safe in the presence of trained adults who have the capacity to listen to them, take account of their wishes and console them and give a warm hug whenever required.
  • The children enjoy their time at the club and form new friendships. According to our principles, no one is excluded from the activities.
  •  Over the course of the club year, the children learn to take responsibility for their homework, themselves and their belongings.
  • The children learn good manners, such as saying “Thank you”, “You’re welcome” and “I’m sorry”. The children learn to consider other children and adults and to greet everyone.
  •  The instructors act as participatory examples for the children throughout the after-school activities.
  • The children are encouraged to participate in versatile activities and in planning the activities.
  • The children learn to say goodbye to the instructors and thank them at the end of the club day.

Example timetable of the after-school clubs daily programme

The after-school club schedule is always structured according to the children's school schedule, the size of the group and the objectives. A typical example of a day's schedule:


The doors of the after-school clubs open


Outdoors / activity session






Hobby club / free play


Outdoor activities and free play


Thank you for the afternoon, until tomorrow!

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Ask more about Pilke’s after-school activities!
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