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ICEC Westend

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Mon–Fri 7.30-17.30 (as necessary)

The customer price of the daycare centre is affected by the private day care allowance granted by Kela, the age of the child and the duration of care. After receiving support, our client fee is 150530 / month. The client fee will be reduced by a possible incomerelated care supplement, check Kelas new income limits here.

For Kela‘s calculator, ask the daycare centre manager for the total amount of the daycare fee and other additional information.


Daisy Family

Our communication and information channel between home and daycarecentre is Daisy. Through Daisy, we communicate, for example, about the daycare centres events and news. Through Daisy, families report appointments and absence notifications.

Pilke DaisyFamily

If you wish your child to receive aplace in ICEC Westend, please fill Pilkesdaycare application form.

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30 years of experience in high-quality early childhood education and preschool education in English

ICEC Westend, an Englishlanguage daycare centre, is located in Westend with good transport connections. The kindergarten has 75 children in groups of 45.  The kindergarten has a large spacious park and also a garden area for children to enjoy. The building has two floors, and the activities of older children are concentrated upstairs.

ICEC daycare centres follow the Finnish national earlychildhood education plan in an international environment.The daycare centre’s activities emphasise childrens creativity, play, multiculturalism and participatory learning.

Englishlanguage kindergartenenables language development

The Englishlanguage kindergarten allows children to grow up in a multicultural, international environment, which contributes to activating language development. We want to bring the English language to life by telling, showing and sharing information that is interesting to children. We streng then and encourage childrens language development through positive practices, such as games and songs. Children also like to share things, so that their own will encourages them tospeak a foreign language.

We understand different ethnic backgrounds and take cultural events into account. We celebrate many international holidays such as diwali, Chinese New Year, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Christmas and so on.


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ICEC Westend - Näin löydät meille!
Kanervatie 6
02160 Espoo Finland
Ota yhteyttä

Greetings from the Manager of ICEC Westend!

My name is Marja Kemppainen and am the manager of both ICEC Kilo and ICEC Westend.

I have been part of the ICEC since 1994. I have been in management in various different role s since 1995. My background education is that of Kindergarten teacher. I have educated myself further and for many years assessed and verified a UK early years qualification. Most recently I topped up my knowledge in Children’s rights and participation from Jyväskylä University. I have also partcipated in research concerning children’s language development and cultural identit.

I grew up in South London in a multicultural and diverse community but moved back to my birth country Finland in 1987. My own background helps me to understand the development of bilingual and multilingual children.

I love to develop the creativity of children through dance and music. Children’s literature also always inspires me. The importance of these I can never talk enough of.

Kindergarten where your child learns to understand the world

Are you looking for a kindergarten for your child where they can learn multiculturalism, tolerance and equality? ICEC kindergartens combine different nationalities and cultures seamlessly; including both children and staff, there are more than40 different nationalities throughout the ICEC community. We raise children for the global world and respect differentcultures equally.

Our customers have rated us

Pilke day-care centre customer satisfaction survey, 2024: “I am satisfied with the early childhood education and care of my child” (on a scale of 1 to 5 where 5 means best).

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Please contact and visit us to take a peek at the facilities and see the daily routine and activities at the day-care centre; We will get to know each other, answer your questions, and explain how to apply for and start day-care.

Or you can always send the Pilke application form. We will get back to you in 2 days, and arrange a tour!

Care and education, hand in hand

Our task is to create conditions in which children can not only learn facts and skills, but also prepare to face the big wide world with heart and kindness.

Please find for more information about our daycare centres and early childhood education and care!

Example of the daily routine at daycare

The daycare centre schedule is always designed based on its size and objectives. This routine is a general example of a day at daycare. The daycare centre manager provides further information on the routine of your daycare centre.


Daycare centre doors open. Welcome! We start the day with a hug and have a chat. Then we gradually start to play.






Small group activities indoors and outdoors.


n. 11.15

Lunch, followed by a rest. Some of the children sleep or rest while the others go outside. After the rest, it’s time for quiet play and activities.


n. 14.00




Play, small group activities and outdoor activities.



The daycare centre doors close. Thank you for today and see you tomorrow!

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I will be happy to answer any questions regarding our day-care centre; introduction visits, availability, applications, customer agreements and their amendments, invoicing, customer feedback, and so on.

Manager Marja Kemppainen