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Pilke Playschool Kalasatama

Päiväkodissa on tilaa
Opening hours
Mon–Fri 7-17 (as necessary)

The customer fee of the daycare is affected by the allowance for private care granted by the Social Insurance Institution Kela. After the private daycare allowance, our customer fee is a maximum of €445/month. The customer fee is possibly reduced by an income-related care supplement. Check Kela’s new income limits here.

To calculate the final customer fee via the Kela pages, you need the full daycare fee. This fee, as well as additional information, you can ask from the daycare manager.

Our daycare center offers 4 hours of free early childhood education for 5-year-olds, in addition to which the city of Helsinki supports families with 5-year-olds with 160 euros per month. Ask the kindergarten manager for more information.

Daisy Family

Our communication and information channel between home and daycare centre is Daisy. Through Daisy, we communicate, for example, about the daycare centre’s events and news.

Families use Daisy to report care appointments and absence notifications, among other things.

Pilke DaisyFamily

Pilke Playschool Kalasatama - a small and cosy English-language daycare centre in connection with shopping centre REDI

A brand new kindergarten Pilke Playschool Kalasatama in the heart of Kalasatama, next to the Redi shopping centre, with good transport connections. The entrance to our kindergarten is from the Bryga Park deck on the 5th floor of Redi.

Centrally located

The kindergarten has its own fenced yard area on the Bryga park deck, protected from the bustle of the streets. The pleasant courtyard has a playground for children with climbing frames and swings, as well as green planting areas.

The central location offers opportunities to explore the surrounding area, and the daycare centre often offers excursions to parks, libraries, museums and other cultural sites.

From kindergarten to lifelong language learning

Pilke Playshool is a warm, English-language daycare centre where children can both learn and maintain their English language skills. At the daycare centre, we implement the Finnish early childhood education plan in English.



Pilke Playschool Kalasatama - Näin löydät meille!
Hermannin rantatie 3
Helsinki 00540

We help raising curious citizens of the world

Pilke Playschool Kalasatama is a multicultural environment where a wide range of events are celebrated throughout the year. At the daycare centre, children explore, wonder, rejoice and discover in a linguistically and culturally diverse environment. We want to introduce children to different cultures and help them develop into curious global citizens.

We have over 20 years of experience in English-language early childhood education and staff who genuinely care about the child.

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Our customers have rated us

Pilke day-care centre customer satisfaction survey, 2024: “I am satisfied with the early childhood education and care of my child” (on a scale of 1 to 5 where 5 means best).

Visit our day-care centre to learn more!

Please contact and visit us to take a peek at the facilities and see the daily routine and activities at the day-care centre; We will get to know each other, answer your questions, and explain how to apply for and start day-care.

Or you can always send the Pilke application form. We will get back to you in 2 days, and arrange a tour!

Care and education, hand in hand

Our task is to create conditions in which children can not only learn facts and skills, but also prepare to face the big wide world with heart and kindness.

Please find for more information about our daycare centres and early childhood education and care!

Example of the daily routine at daycare

The daycare centre schedule is always designed based on its size and objectives. This routine is a general example of a day at daycare. The daycare centre manager provides further information on the routine of your daycare centre.


Daycare centre doors open. Welcome! We start the day with a hug and have a chat. Then we gradually start to play.






Small group activities indoors and outdoors.


n. 11.15

Lunch, followed by a rest. Some of the children sleep or rest while the others go outside. After the rest, it’s time for quiet play and activities.


n. 14.00




Play, small group activities and outdoor activities.



The daycare centre doors close. Thank you for today and see you tomorrow!

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Manager Katariina Lemmetti

I will be happy to answer any questions regarding our day-care centre; introduction visits, availability, applications, customer agreements and their amendments, invoicing, customer feedback, and so on.