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Welcome to Playschool Laajalahti easter event on Saturday 9.4.

09.04.2022 @ 09:00 - 11:00

Welcome to the English daycare centre Playschool Laajalahti at Kivennavantie 21, 02130 Espoo! We have an easter event on Saturday 9.4. at 9-11. with fun things to do for the whole family! A magician arrives at the kindergarten to perform and at the easter event you can also visit the daycare centre, meet the director and educators, and hear more about the versatile activities of Pilke. Welcome to watch the magic tricks and explore the kindergarten


Pilke Playshool Laajalahti is a warm-hearted, English-speaking daycare centre, where children can both learn and maintain their English language skills. We follow the Finnish early childhood education curriculum in English. Pilke Playschool Laajalahti is a multicultural environment, where a wide range of events are celebrated throughout the year. We want to introduce children to different cultures and help them develop into curious citizens of the world. Welcome to get to know more!

Pilke Playschool Laajalahti is getting a service voucher in August 2022. From 1.8.2022 the client fee at its highest is 345 €/month with Espoo city service voucher. Service voucher and daycare hours may affect the fee. Read more about the daycare centre here!


For more information:
Manager Taisekwa Sigobodhla
Tel. 044 493 9058


09:00 - 11:00