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Open doors at Pilke daycare centre Taikasaari on Thursday 10 September

10.09.2020 @ 17:00 - 19:00

We welcome you to come experience the bilingual (Finnish-English), international daycare centre Taikasaari in Lehtisaari
during the open doors outdoor event at 5–7 pm on Thursday 10 September 2020 at the address Papinpöydänkuja 4, 00340 Helsinki

At the event, you can hear and see how everyday life is at the daycare centre and get to know our early childhood educators.
Taikasaari offers bilingual (Finnish – English) early childhood education. The language rich
environment aims to benefit from a child’s natural early ability to learn languages and to awaken
joy in learning and experimenting with language. Children learn both Finnish and English through
daily interactions, games, stories and songs. Simultaneously it offers a natural environment for
nurturing multicultural awareness and building a strong foundation for a life-long positive attitude
to learning

We have few free places left. Apply for a place in early childhood education at our website pilkepaivakodit.fi.

A warm welcome to explore the Pilke Taikasaari

Further information:
Anneleen Burmansson, Daycare Centre Manager,
tel. +358 40 185 6191


17:00 - 19:00